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Mirembe Kawomera “Delicious Peace” Coffee

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Miremebe Kawomera, Uganda - Dark Roast

Assertive, fudgy chocolate notes, toasty pecan and a smoky brown sugar finish.
Certified Fair Trade Certified Organic

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Miremebe Kawomera, Uganda - Light Roast

Sweet and full-bodied with hints of pecan and nutmeg, milk chocolate and vanilla bean.
Certified Fair Trade Certified Organic

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Miremebe Kawomera, Uganda - Decaf

Rich, deeply dimensioned, sweet and well-rounded. A well-balanced and smooth decaf.
Certified Fair Trade Certified Organic

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Farmer Feedback

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Excellent Habitat for Coffee

Grown high on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, a dormant volcano in eastern Uganda, Mirembe Kawomera Coffee is produced in small batches by the family farmers of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative.

Rich volcanic soils, shade canopy, and artisan production methods combine to produce an exceptional coffee bean with distinctive flavor and character. The antique Arabica varieties cultivated by the farmers of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative were planted nearly a century ago, after being transported from nearby Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.

Full-bodied and lively, with hints of pecan and notes of nutmeg, and a lingering sensation of malty antiquity.

Distinctive Processing

The farmers of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative prepare their coffee in small-batches carefully picked throughout the three-month harvest season. Ripe coffee cherries are handpicked, the red skin is removed using cooperatively owned hand-cranked pulping machines, and the sugar-rich pulp is allowed to ferment on the beans overnight. Then the beans are carefully washed, and sun-dried on elevated racks, a two-week process from start to finish. Once the coffee is dried, it is transported to the Cooperative’s warehouse where it is stored and prepared for export.

Small-Scale Farming and Fair Trade

Economically, coffee is the backbone of the Ugandan economy, accounting for over 90% of the country’s revenues from international trade. In terms of export earnings, Uganda is the most coffee-dependent country in the world. The vast majority of Uganda’s coffee is produced by small-scale family farmers numbering at least 500,000 in a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon. Historically, these farmers saw only small profits on their coffee due to low international prices, inefficient government marketing boards, and exploitative market intermediaries. Mirembe Kawomera Coffee is the first Fair Trade Certified™ Ugandan coffee to reach the U.S. market.

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